Egypt’s Union Pack Invests in New Carton Facility

Egyptian cardboard and paper manufacturer Union Pack has invested 20 million pounds in a new carton manufacturing facility.

CEO and founder Joseph Nabil said that 25% of the investment came from the company’s accumulated profits and the rest 75% through an Egyptian lender.

The company aims to export 20% of its production volume during the second half of 2024 to more than five countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, most notably Saudi Arabia and Libya.

Nabil revealed that the initial stages of construction and importing machinery have been completed, with operations scheduled to commence before the end of the first half of this year. He also stated that packaging plays a crucial role, especially in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, which extensively makes use of both flexible and rigid packaging.

The Chamber of Printing & Packaging of the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) stated that while kraft paper – used to make paper bags, a major solution for cement packaging – is imported, printing and writing papers are manufactured locally by major Egyptian paper manufacturers such as Misr Edfu Paper Company and Quena Paper Industry Company (QPIC).

Union Pack was established in 2017 in 10th of Ramadan, a city located in the Sharqia Governorate, close to Cairo. The company specializes in producing a variety of papers, including printing and photographic papers, and cardboard products.

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