Egypt’s CIT Charts Digital Transformation Roadmap

Egypt’s Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication (CIT) held a recent round of discussions with heads of various chambers of the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) on the roadmap for digital transformation, following the initiatives announced during the activities of the 7th annual conference.

Egypt’s Minister of Trade and Industry Nevin Gamea, praised the digital transformation committee of FEI which is chaired by CIT.

The participants in the discussion called for the need to increase cooperation between the robust Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and various industries by offering specialized and modern software and solutions to reduce costs and increase productivity as part of Industry 4.0.

The speakers at the session emphasized on the importance of industrial establishments to rely on technology and its role in improving the work environment and reducing operating costs.

FEI Executive Director Dr. Khaled Abdel Azim is of the opinion that digital transformation has become one of the ruling international dialogues, especially as the world is witnessing radical changes in the light of what technological solutions impose on different industries.”

Nadim Elias, President of the Chamber of Printing & Packaging Industries of FEI stressed on the many challenges faced by the printing sector, especially considering modern technologies gaining importance in the industry. He also spoke about how reliance on digital transformation can boost employment opportunities, especially since the skilled workforce can keep pace with modern trends in the printing and packaging sector which accounts for 10% of Egypt’s annual exports.

Elias also called for the need to eradicate digital illiteracy among citizens and adopt the technology as a way of life and work. According to him, digital transformation has become an obligation and it is necessary to encourage all those involved in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Member of CIT’s Board of Directors Mustafa Saleh explained that while the IT sector is equipped with advanced technology and a well-trained staff who can meet the industry’s diverse requirements, it is still facing fierce competition from foreign software and technology hardware companies.

CIT covers horizontally four IT lines of business that includes software, hardware, services, and communications through 1020 registered companies. Vertically, CIT has 17 specialized groups dedicated to delivering the best-of-breed technology consultations and advices to all of its members as services.

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