Egypt’s Benha varsity Opens Centre for Printing & Publishing

While inaugurating a new centre for printing, publishing, and distribution, Prof. Gamal Soussa, President of Benha University in Egypt, stressed on the university’s keenness to raise the efficiency of its units and service centres.

Prof. Soussa added that the interest in developing and equipping the centre came with the aim of playing a greater role in serving the educational process at the university, and providing the necessary publications for all faculties, centres, and units of the university, such as electronic correction test forms, answer brochures, scientific journals, and other technical services and publications required. The university’s printing, publishing, and distribution centre has had remarkable developments in all its various departments including digital printing, outdoor printing, and creation of manufacturing and recycling workshops which reuses old banners for display. Dr. Heidi Youssef, supervisor of the centre for printing, publishing, and distribution, pointed out that the new hub contributes to improving and upgrading the quality of its services.

Benha University’s Dr. Nasser El-Gizawy, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Researches; Dr. Tamer Samir, Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs; Prof. Shereen Shawky, University Secretary General; Dr. Abdel-Kader Abdel-Karim Ibrahim, Professor  at Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra; Dr. Mohamed Said, Assistant Professor at Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra; Refat Nan Dawood, Assistant Secretary General for Administrative Affairs; and  Ayman Bayoumi Abdullah, Assistant Secretary General for Financial Affairs, were present during the inauguration along with other officials.

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