Egypt: The Kraft Paper Price Increase Affects Food Industry

Imad Salam, a member of the Printing and Packaging Division of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, says that the price of a ton of kraft paper jumped from 750 euros to 900 Euros, mainly due to spike in demand for food products.

“Salam” added that the disruption in supply chains during 2020 clearly affected the price of the paper. During the peak of pandemic as demand for paper fell the prices also retreated, but with the breakthrough in the Coronavirus crisis, demand rose in an unprecedented way, causing prices to rise as well.

Salem maintains that the rise in the global price of kraft paper, which is used in numerous industries and products, including bags, boxes and other paper packaging, led to a 2% increase (from 7% to 9%) of many products in Egypt.

“There is a relatively high demand for paper products in booming take- away food industry, an industry that is growing rapidly mainly because of pandemic and closure of restaurants and fast- food outlets.” Concludes Salam.

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