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Digital Signages with AI will Command a Larger Market Share

Digital signages, LED and other related industries can increase their market share by adopting an artificial intelligence framework. This is a work in progress, however, International Expo Consults (IEC) believes that the players with the AI vision will have the first mover advantage and the impact can be witnessed in a span of 2-3 years.

According to the IE, the organisers of ‘SGI Dubai 2019’, Middle East’s largest sign and graphic imaging show, some of the exhibitors have already started evaluating their products and solutions and are approaching the ‘market ready’ phase. Exhibitors at the SGI Dubai 2019 show could generate leads with over several million US dollars in just three days. The 23rd edition of SGI Dubai 2020 is scheduled from January 12th to 14th in Halls 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

According to Sharif Rahman, CEO, International Expo-Consults, “SGI Dubai 2019 exceeded our expectations with visitors keeping the show floor busy till the end of the third day. This edition of SGI saw an impetus on innovative solutions in the printing, signage, LED, retail, textile and other industries. We aim to build on the momentum of this show and take it to the next year with several new categories”.

After careful evaluation of the market scenario and listening to the exhibitors and more-importantly the visitors, SGI Dubai 2020 will include new categories such as Artificial Intelligence; Advanced Display Technologies such as outdoor 3D screens, holographic displays, bendy displays; Branding and Labelling and lastly Metal Cutting and Engraving.

GX Media, one of the exhibitors at SGI Dubai 2019 had come up with a unique solution that redefined branding and advertising in elevators. Their short-focus projection requires less distance and can project a larger video at shorter distances. The entire setup is easy to install and compared to conventional projectors that can only be installed in the middle of the elevator, they have the advantage of being compact, with less installation shadows and avoiding direct light to the eyes. It took about a year of development and testing to achieve the technological breakthrough and the product boasts of 19 patented technologies.

The 2020 show which will be the 23rd edition of SGI Dubai, will be a completely different show from its predecessors. Much like the industry that it serves, the show has gone through various stages of evolution. To keep up with the changing technology and the trends in the industry and to stay relevant to the various visitors that grace the show, SGI Dubai 2020 will extend into allied fields that it hadn’t focused on in the past.

According to the organisers, SGI Dubai has been the most anticipated event for the industry in the MENA region and the evolution lies in with their aim to not just be the largest show in the Middle East but one of the largest industry trade shows globally.

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