Compact discharging bar– FlexIonR60

The Eltex flexION R60 AC discharge bar with a freestanding air-supportedspring tip achieves a very high passive discharge effect, whichenables active operation even at a low level of high voltage AC. A small amount of air can be blown through the spring tip to increasethe range. This is also used to continuously clean the emission tips.The bar’s aluminum profile is equipped with a highly insulating,mechanically robust layer that, in combination with the freestandingspring tip, causes a significant increase of ion production.

According to the company, the flexION R60 bar provides excellentdischarge results, particularly at low and maximum speeds and withinboth short and long ranges of the discharging material. These featuresmake it the only electrode in the world that can be used for variousgeometric situations.

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