Charity Organization To Print School Books For Syrian Refugees

During second International Conference for Syrian Refugees held in Lebanon, Qatar Charity announced its plan to print school books for 20 thousand Syrian students, as well as providing school equipment and teachers support materials.

Charity’s aim to print and distribute school books is to spread education, improve knowledge, reduce suffering and protect children.

A team of experts was then kick started the project. The books were designed and produced.  Proofreading was performed by 25 Syrian specialists. The whole project took more than 16560 working hours to complete.

Qatar Charity has produced more than 566000 books by the end of 2013. The organization is set to print more books this year to support the educational process.

The first batch of books was distributed among Syrian student during a ceremony held in Recep Tayyip Erdogan School in Antakya on October 24.

Representatives of Qatar Charity as well as Syrian Educational Authorities, and Sheikha Hessa al-Thani were present at the ceremony. 

During the ceremony Qatar Charity expressed its willingness to raise the educational level for Syrian children with the help of Syrian Educational Authority.

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