Cairo Selected As The Headquarter For African Printing And Packaging Union

Egypt’s Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries has been intensifying its efforts to promote printing industry in Africa. The chamber which is a member of African printing and packaging union is looking forward to strengthen ties with the 7 members of the union who unanimously selected Chamber’s office in Cairo as the headquarter of the group in Africa. The members include Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Chad, Kenya and Sudan.

“We are upbeat about the decision of the members. Egypt is one of the most important printing market in Africa and we will provide opportunities and services to our members.” Comments Khaled Abdo, chairman of the chamber.

Mustafa Kamel, consultant to the chamber also underscored the importance of collective efforts among African countries to face the growing threat from cheap Chinese printing and packaging products as well as high quality European products. A number of agreements have already been signed among member countries which would lead to a smoother cooperation within printing and packaging sectors.   The Union is planning to participate in regional and International exhibitions in Qatar, Kenya and Ethiopia to explore new export markets and establish contacts with potential foreign print buyers and customers.

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