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Buyers Lab and InfoTrends join to form new market intelligence company


Buyers Laboratory (BLI) has announced a new milestone in its acquisition of InfoTrends: a new corporate brand identity. Buyers Lab and InfoTrends have come together to form Keypoint Intelligence, a new market intelligence company offering market insights and responsive tools to clients in the digital imaging industry.

“It’s always been our mission to help our clients grow their businesses and become more profitable. Together, we are even better positioned to help them make every decision with confidence,” said Gerry Stoia, chief executive officer of Keypoint Intelligence. “While customers have shown great loyalty to both Buyers Lab and InfoTrends, we felt the combined company needed a new identity—one that reflects the power of our union and the comprehensive scope of services we provide.”

The combined business brings together Buyers Lab’s expertise in evaluation and testing with InfoTrends’ leadership in market research and strategic consulting, while offering clients enhanced efficiency and expert knowledge at every stage of a product’s life cycle.

“Our new brand identity is a strong representation of what sets us apart in the global digital imaging intelligence marketplace,” said Deanna Flanick, chief revenue officer. “Our new double diamond mark represents the two companies coming together, and the vibrant orange spot where they overlap indicates a ‘Keypoint,’ one of the many deep insights that only we can provide.”

After the new brand is launched on December 1, both Buyers Lab and InfoTrends will continue as product lines under the Keypoint Intelligence name. 

“Both names are widely respected by our customers around the world, and we want them to know they can expect the same unbiased information, depth of knowledge, and dedicated support that Buyers Lab and InfoTrends have always delivered,” said Flanick.

“We are now able to provide our customers with the insights, data, market intelligence, and responsive tools that no one else can,” said Stoia. “We’re truly excited about delivering the full benefits of our combined strength under the Keypoint Intelligence banner.”


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