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Bobst seeks to push the envelope of packaging manufacturing

Bobst is stepping up the development of technology and services for the food, beverage, pharma and cosmetics packaging sectors with solutions for both web-fed and sheet-fed printing and converting equipment, along with developments in substrate production and functionality, quality assurance and environmental compliance.

Erik Bothorel, head of the business unit Web-fed at Bobst, said, “We have a comprehensive range of innovative equipment that meets the demands of these sectors, from flexo and gravure printing, through coating, laminating and metallizing, to converting and finishing. Just last year alone we launched multiple new products that pushed forward what packaging manufacturers can achieve: from opening up new markets with digital flexo, the UV flexo printing of food packaging, and new barrier coatings, to substantially increasing the productivity of processes such as die-cutting and folding & gluing.”

Along with its ranges of web-fed CI & in-line flexo printing, multi-process printing, gravure printing, coating, lamination and vacuum metallizing equipment, Bobst is also driving process development. This includes the development of high barrier functionality in packaging substrates, making them industrially viable solutions in terms of machinability, and ensuring their properties are maintained unaltered even during the more complex conversion processes required by some flexible packaging applications.

“We are talking directly to people involved throughout the entire supply chain of the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors. We directly participate in the quality of the products they produce because, today, the packaging is very much part of the product. Our solutions help solve many of the production issues they find themselves facing,” said Erik.

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