Bahrain: Over 37,773 Foreign Books Approved in 2020

The Mass Media Directorate at the Information Affairs Ministry had approved 37,773 foreign books and publications, or 669,745 copies, 303 local publications and 248 local films in 2020, and completed the procedures of 61,000 imported audio-visual works and electronic games.

Mass Media Director, Dr. Youssef Mohammed Ismail, said that the statistics reflect the positive publishing, printing and authorship movement in the kingdom despite the exceptional circumstances created by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as the awareness of Bahrainis.

He pointed out that the precautionary measures enforced by the kingdom, represented by the National Medical Taskforce to Combat Coronavirus, have contributed to the citizens’ commitment to staying at home and engaging in reading and writing.

Dr Youssef Mohammed Ismail also asserted that the Directorate had delivered advanced services in the fields aimed at encouraging investment in the media and commercial sectors, in cooperation with the Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ministry.

In this regard, he said that the Directorate had followed up on the procedures of 2,402 commercial activities, including new activities, changing an address, adding an activity,changing partners, transferring ownership and adding a branch.

It also licensed 83 commercial media activities, and 35 innovative literary and artistic works, as part of its efforts to protect copyrights and intellectual property, he added.

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