Automation of the cutting process – PACE

The PolarPACE (Polar Automation for Cutting Efficiency) cutting system is able to process up to 45,000 sheets in 60 minutes. A single PACE system can cut the material produced by two Speedmaster XL 106 printing presses.

The key components of the PACE cutting system are the autoturn turning gripper and the autotrim high-speed cutter. At least five automatic cuts can be performed this way. Meanwhile, the operator has time to prepare the next cutting ream, laying the foundation for the final product.

The Polar PACE system complements the printing presses that run without interruption in accordance with the principle of ‘Push2Stop’. It forms a part of the Smart Print Shop and is integrated in the printing house’s digital workflow.

According to Polar automation solutions, people often deem the cutting process to be a necessary evil. This is why when making their investment decisions they do not put much emphasis on this factor. However, there’s enormous optimization¬ potential: when a printing house automates its cutting process this will either increase its efficiency or save personnel while keeping the output at the same level.

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