Al-Sabah Newspaper to Install KBA Comet by End of This Year

Mohammed Eidan, holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Barsa. He has experience working in the engineering, textile and furniture industry and has been working as Managing Director of the newspaper since 2005The Baghdad based Iraqi Media Network (IMN) has recently signed the deal for a KBA Comet press. Talking to ME Printer, Mohammed Eidan, Managing Director of Al Sabah newspaper, for which the deal was made, explained the details of the investment. “The need to develop the printing division of Sabah newspaper and to maintain its quality standards made us go for the KBA Comet. As part of that, we extended invitations to major printer manufacturers. After studying the offers made by them, we decided to select the KBA press, as it was appropriate in terms of price and technical specifications. With the new press, we can now print forty eight full colour pages and also aim to publish Al Shabaka Al Iraqiya Magazine. The KBA Comet will be installed by the end of this year.”

IMN had acquired the single-width, double circumference press for the production of the national daily, Al-Sabah. The coldset/heatset press was contracted by IMN for its high printing quality, reliability and productivity.

Mohammed added that they have built a new facility to equip the KBA press. Detailing about the printing situation in Iraq, he said, “The printing industry in Iraq has suffered a lot due to the economic blockade in the country. The improved security conditions and recovered stability have now helped to recover this sector. We are one of the institutions that has the potential to stir in activity in this sector.”

The Comet press comes with a thermal dryer that allows the newspaper to print 48 full colour pages in heatset or coated stock. The press has a configuration that supports the blend of full colour heatset and coldset pages, which is usually used by Middle East print titles. The full colour heatset web will also be used for printing magazines on coated and improved paper, flyers, inserts, books etc.

The 75,000iph KBA Comet will have a 578mm (22.75in) cut-off and a web width variable from 630 to 870mm (24.8 – 34.25in), with 760mm (29.92in) specified for newspapers.

The six reel stands will be connected to a KBA Patras M reel-handling system. The six towers will feature automatic ink pumping and automatic colour-register control. The superstructure above the KF 3 jaw folder will have one former. Automatic cut-off register controls, length and cross perforators and a quarter fold will ensure high-quality folding and enhance production flexibility. The addition of a second KF 3 folder is scheduled at a later date. Alongside cutting-edge console technology the press will also have the option of remote maintenance. The investment package includes a Gämmerler stacking system.

The Al Sabah newspaper Press has the following division in their press: Roll printing division that contains printing machine from manroland cromoman and KBA printing machine for printing newspapers. The offset division includes a four colour Roland offset machine and a 2 colour and one colour Roland offset press. The binding division has two production lines for binding books, while the prepress division contains a plate setter machine.

Mohammed explained, “The press prints daily newspapers and six specialized weekly supplements. There is also a section for commercial printing that prints newspapers and publications for government institutions and civil society organisations.”

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