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Al Omeira Printing And Publishing Invests In Security Printing Equipment

Specialized security printer Al Omeira recently invested in an all new RADUS SV 360 hologram hot stamping machine made by German manufacturer Arnold Herzig. The machine was delivered and commissioned by Secure Print Company.  Al Omeira ‘s manager Priyadarshi Singh says the new machine is operator friendly, offers fast makeready, high speed output and it is very competitively priced.  Meanwhile ROI will be in less than a year.

“We already have two hologram stamping machines but due to increased volumes we decided to invest in a new system. For hot stamping of security foils we also have a Kluge Auto Platen and Dimuken systems in operation.”

Al Omeira located in Abu Dhabi’s Port Zayed Area supplies Print Products to many government departments and banks. The company also boasts a range of Heidelberg and Ryobi presses. Other than printing security items such as passports and ID’s Al Omeira is handling packaging and stationary printing as well. The company was established in 1970 and has more than 120 people in its payroll.

Singh is also very satisfied with the services provided by Secure Print. ”Having a technology supplier who not only delivers proven technology but also has a good service team by your side is very essential when you are making a decision about machines. Secure Print has proved to be a competent supplier and we have not faced any problems with the equipment they have supplied to us during past 7 years,” comments Singh.

The new RADUS SV 360  hologram hot stamping machine with hologram application head HP3 covers all requirements in terms of hologram application on sheetfed as well as continues forms.  The hologram application head HP 3 includes the stamping press with the exchangeable tool (die) as well as the foil guidance.

The hologram imprinting heads HP3 are operated electronically/pneumatically and surveyed by the processor control of the SV-360.  The foil positioning is electronically controlled, so a manual adjustment of the photocells is not necessary. A precision adjustment simplifies the setting and balancing of the stamping tools.

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