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Al-Manar Premiers Xerox Versant 180 in its New Branch

New year for Al-Manar stationery coincided with the opening of its new branch in “Wadi Al-Sail Complex” in Bahrain. This branch is considered the largest in the Kingdom for “Al-Manar Stationary” and the third shop, after its two other branches in Al-Qudhaibiya and Al-Riffa.

Executive Director of “Al-Manar Stationery” Ahmed Al-Salhi explained that the new branch in Wadi Al-Sail is the largest in Bahrain, and that Al-Manar stationery is the largest supplier of stationery in the Kingdom. The chain of shops offers books and stationary supplies catering for adults and children, of all age groups as well of painting and art works, office and home furniture, sewing tools, and electronics.

Al Manar also installed an all new Xerox Versant 180 printer in the new branch.  Ahmed Al-Salhi says the new digital machine which is first in Kingdom of Bahrain to print 11 different colors, including gold, silver and fluorescent colors thanks to the new Adaptive CMYK Plus Kit that Xerox offers with the Versant 180. Al Manar also offers specialty printing services to printing on garments, cups and everything that companies and individuals need in record time, and at an attractive and competitive price. On the occasion of the opening, Saad Abdullah, Marketing Director at Al-Manar Stationery, said that Al-Manar announced major discounts on all stationery products without exception, up to 21%, and the offer is valid until January 9, 2021.

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