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Al-Majid Recycling Factory Promotes Sustainability

Al-Majid Recycling Factory is the only one of its kind in Bahrain and the second of its type in the Gulf region for recycling and processing paper, plastic, and solid materials. A total of 21,800 tons of paper, plastic, and solid materials were successfully processed and recycled within the first eight months of 2021, with a monthly average of 2000 tons of paper, and 600 tons of plastic.

The ‘Factory’ deals with 14 types of paper and seven types of plastic, which includes water bottles, cardboard, printing paper, cork, auto plastics, and drums for storing chemicals and solids used in the manufacture of electronic, electrical, and auto parts. Hameed Al-Majid, founder and CEO says, “As part of our national responsibility towards protecting the environment and preserving its natural resources from pollution, Al-Majid Factory has continued its commitment for 28 years to date in serving the environment at the level of the Kingdom by recycling tons of plastic waste and paper on a daily basis and converting them into raw materials used in several important industries in the Kingdom, despite the challenges facing the factory from limited funding and lack of government support, represented by the scarcity of industrial land waste recycling and environmental protection projects.”

“The Kingdom consumes a total of four billion plastic bottles of drinking water and carbonated water annually, most of which are buried in the Askar landfill, harming the soil which will have serious repercussions on the environment, human health, and groundwater, not to mention the tons of plastic barrels used for storing chemicals and other industrial products or compounds. There are also 26 plastic factories in the Kingdom, most of which use recycled plastic in their products, the cost of which is exorbitant if imported from abroad.”

He indicated that the factory needs industrial land to expand and the necessary financial support in order to cover the increasing demand for paper and plastic recycling, which will ultimately benefit to protect the environment and reduce soil pollution.

He also stressed on establishing a constructive partnership between the public and private sectors to support and develop the recycling sector, in order to have a fertile ground for a cleaner environment that is free from the damages caused by plastic and industrial waste.

Established in 1985 in Salmabad, close to capital Manama, it is the first plant of its kind for recycling paper in Bahrain, and the second in the Gulf after Sharjah, UAE.

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