Agfa Graphics Launches New Avalon CTP System

Agfa Graphics recently announced the newest addition to its family of thermal platesetter systems, the Avalon B8-24 S.

The company says the new platesetter combines manual plate loading with pre-staging and provision for an on-line processor or clean out unit to deliver high operator productivity at an affordable price point. The new model delivers up to 22pph and line screens up to 240 lpi Sublima XM with any Agfa Graphics’ thermal plate (41.7” x 32.7” – 1060 mm x 830 mm).

Agfa Graphics’ ThermoFuseTM line of chemistry-free plates, such as the Azura TS, offer Avalon B8-24 S users the elimination of all process variables for simplified platemaking with clear, consistent results.

Agfa claims the new platesetter  seamlessly integrates with Agfa Graphics’ PDF-based Apogee workflow to provide high-quality automated plate production control for commercial, packaging and publishing printing business.

The system will be available from January 2014.

 “The Avalon B8-24 S is designed for new CtP users making the transition from computer-to-film systems. Now they can afford to change to reliable and high-quality CtP solution,” said Walter Nackaerts, Manager Sales Direct Export, Agfa Graphics. “The ability to use chem-free printing plates negates the impact associated with other systems that use plate-processing chemicals. The CtP solution will be far more stable on the press and easier to control.”

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