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Affordability is crucial to rigid media printing growth

Indian manufacturer of digital inkjet printers Colorjet showcased the Colorjet Verve, an advanced flatbed UV printer capable of printing on any rigid surface. The printer is designed with a comparatively very small footprint and needs less installation and operation area. The Verve can print on almost any kind of surface, unlike conventional rigid capable printers that use friction or belt feed systems. This includes irregular shaped or non-square items, heavy substrates and materials that have an uneven surface, such as wood. Other applications include printing on tiles, glass, ceramics, direct on sun board, mobile and laptop back panels.

Pavan Gupta, Director, Colorjet, said, “The Colorjet Verve expands business horizons by opening up a world of specialised applications that can command premium prices. The true flatbed ensures better print registration for higher quality prints on irregular shapes and uneven surface materials. The white ink option enables printing on clear & dark surface materials, opens up tremendous applications and business opportunities. It is also the perfect printing solution for complex technical or industrial printing applications where accurate, repeatable print geometry is critical.”

Colorjet announced a strategic partnership with Jingwei Systemtechnik, a manufacturer of cutting machines, to offer its Jwei range of cutting machines along with the Colorjet Verve, a combination of functionality and price Colorjet believes will remove the existing barriers to adoption of rigid media printing.

“To drive investment in current market conditions, we believe the key factor is affordability. Today’s market requires a solution that offers a stepping stone into the world of rigid media printing. Furthermore, a rigid media printer is not complete without a cutting machine to cut different types of material such as acrylic, aluminium, foam board, corrugated paper, cardboard etc. The Colorjet and Jwei brands are compatible with each other and our partnership allows us to explore ways to optimize the rigid media printing and finishing processes,” said Pawan.

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