Adra Press Project Secures Order to Print 100 Million Textbooks

Dr. Hezwan Al Wiz, Education Minister in Syria stated that the ministry will continue to distribute textbooks free of charge, which will ensure that children receive basic education free of cost.  The Adra Press Project, which is currently undergoing expansion, was entrusted with the printing job and accordingly it will print 100 million textbooks.

The project also includes the expansion works of the General Organization for printing in Adra Industrial area, which is located on an area of 150 dunums (Middle Eastern measure for area measurement) and is divided into three blocks that includes presses, office and service establishments. The total cost of the project is estimated to be around US$ 36 million. As per the project, 15 units would be built that would house a web press for printing textbooks, a assembly unit for books, a warehouse unit, garages, printing press for newspapers, commercial buildings, waste management units etc. In addition to these, it also houses lecture halls and meeting rooms for employees and all amenities like a clinic and kindergarten that serves to meet the need of the employees.

According to a local newspaper, Hezwan Al Wiz while touring the General Organization for printing in Adra Industrial area asked everyone who are concerned with the distribution of books to redouble their efforts in order to fasten the delivery of the books.

Meanwhile, Zuhair Suleiman, Director General of the General Organization of Print reviewed the stages of completion of the project. The project, which began nearly two years ago is built according to international standards and have overcome all obstacles so far. Zuhair Suleiman explained that upon completion the project will cost around one billion Syrian pounds.

Suleiman mentioned that when the press is complete, it will be capable of printing 100 million textbooks and will shorten the time and effort in printing and ensure that textbooks are distributed as per schedule.

Earlier, Zuhair had said that the project will give great flexibility in printing textbooks and newspapers. He had said that the new machines will ultimately benefit the state treasury and will be termed profitable for the press.

The foundation, which was formed in the year 2008, works in association with the Ministry of Education and aims to print and distribute textbooks. It also prints publications for the Ministry of Education and Information as well as jobs for the private and public sector. The foundation works towards the development of the printing sector and keeps pace with the global developments in the printing market.

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