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A New Printing Press for Production of Holy Quran to be Built in Kuwait

Dr. Fahd Al-Daihani, Director General of The Public Authority responsible for the printing and distribution of the Holy Quran and Prophetic Sunnahs (traditions) and sciences in Kuwait recently announced the Authority’s plans for printing and distribution of Holy Quran.

Dr. Al-Daihani said, “We have completed the design and infrastructure of the Greater Kuwait Printing Press at a cost of 14 million dinars on an area of ​​27 thousand square meters in the Subhan area and the authority building on an area of ​​17 thousand square meters on the Sixth Ring Road. The project will be implemented within 5 years.

Dr. Al-Daihani said that this is a milestone project for Kuwait since the Noble Qur’an will be printed for the first time in Kuwait in cooperation with the College of the Noble Qur’an in Pakistan and of Al-Azhar University.  He also announced that of translations of the meanings of the Qur’an is currently being printed in English, French, Japanese and Spanish and will be distributed by the end of the fiscal year. The Authority is also planning to release a colloquial translation of Quran that is easier to understand for people around the world including in China, Africa, Russia, Germany, Albania, Bosnia and Balkan countries.

Publishing Quran is a complex process and requires utmost attention to finest details. The publisher must ensure publication of the text of the Holy Quran is free from errors of printing and recording and proper disposal of damaged copies of the Holy Quran.

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