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3D Printing rush

If you google word printing these days the outcome might surprise you, because the most of the search results is actually about 3D printing. 3D printing has gained the reputation of being the ultimate disruptive technology. In an ideal futuristic world everybody can print everything from bicycle to hummus in comfort of their homes using a 3D printer. There is no doubt that 3D printing has huge potential. So far it is being used for prototyping. But experts believe manufacturers will soon start using it for mass production of everything from spare parts to entire fuselage of an aircraft. The technology has reached shores of Middle East as well. There are already companies who are offering 3D printing services to businesses and consumers in our region. Protechnology in UAE is a major distributor of Cube 3D printers and consumers can buy one from Jumbo outlets. The mono colour printer costs 5900 dirham and each cartridge is selling for 250 dirham. The printer uses ABS and PLA plastic cartridges. It’s a plug and play 3D printer for children and adults and it’s not designed for industrial use. The entry level Cube was officially launched during Gitex 2012 and its bigger brother Cube X will be introduced during Gitex 2013. To find out more about 3D printing market in the Middle East we talked with two pioneering companies In Lebanon and UAE who are offering these services. The Bakery in Beirut is run by a French Architect who is also an artist and entrepreneur. His Fab Lab in Beirut has become a favorite destination for architects, students, designers and renegade innovators who want to create complex 3D objects and models. On the other hand Abu Dhabi based Abaad is offering 3D printing services to companies, institutions and governmental organizations in UAE.

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