Zünd and Caldera introduce prepress automation software

Cutting system manufacturer Zünd and French software developer Caldera launch PrimeCenter, a new prepress automation software.

Dubbed as PrimeCenter, the software simplifies file preparation and output, allowing users toconfigure their workflows– from design to print to cut –withthe level of automation that best meet their needs. Workflowmanagement is becoming more complex and so is the coordination of internal production processes. More and more often, web shops are integrated as an additional sales channel. This tends to increase the number of jobs while decreasing the run length.

In just a few steps, the user can take artwork and create a print-ready layout. In doing so, the user can choose to go through the required steps manually or create a fully automated process. According to the company PrimeCenter offers the user freedom of choice as to the desired degree of prepress-workflow automation – intelligently and exactly as demand dictates. PrimeCenter is available in Basic, Pro, and Max versions. The level of automation can be adapted to changing requirements at any time. Because of PrimeCenter’s open interface, the software can output to any RIP/printer and any cutter.

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Inflexible production processes, manually generated trim boxes, manual preflighting and nesting of designs – there are many potential bottlenecks lurking in preparing layouts to be printed and cut. This can lead to tremendous inefficiencies and production delays. PrimeCenter adapts to the workflow requirements of the individual print service provider, not the other way around.

Oliver Zünd, CEO of ZündSystemtechnik: «Zünd is an innovative equipment manufacturer striving to provide our customers with data workflows and cutting processes that are as easy and automated as possible. In the joint development of PrimeCenter with Caldera, we have combined our skills and given focus to our many years of experience in process automation. This has paved the way for us to to offer our customers a comprehensive, integrated platform that gives them the necessary tools to meet digital challenges. »

Abhi Agrawal, President Dover Digital Printing: “Zünd and Caldera are proud to launch an industry-leading solution, integrating a new line of Caldera prepress software with Zünd cutters which further enhance our customers’ digital printing capabilities. We are committed to helping our customers obtain the best results from this collaboration. Dover Corporation will continue to support Caldera in building a strong partner ecosystem, with market leaders like Zünd.”

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