Xerox Joins List of No Sayers to IPEX 2014

Xerox has decided to pull out of IPEX reasoning that customers are more interested to be connected with the company through regional events or personal engagements. Announcing the decision, Jeff Jacobson, President, Global Graphic Communication of Xerox Corporation said, “In times of change and transformation, one is given the unique opportunity to look at things differently and to step out of the comfort zone and take a different look at how things get done.”

He added, “With the marketing landscape changing as fast as the Graphic Communications industry, we are re-evaluating how best to reach customers and prospects, and have decided not to participate in IPEX 2014.”

The company said that they will be focusing on organising events like Xerox Premier Partners Global Network, which will provide an opportunity to network and learn from the industry’s leading graphic communication providers. The Xerox Real Business Live program that is held in major cities throughout the US and Europe, offers important insights on business issues and opportunities. They organize thought leadership forums, webinars on business development and other topics, virtual and on-site trade shows and by interacting with customers through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and company blogs.

The statement concluded by saying that though change is inevitable, the company’s commitment will remain the same. It stated that Xerox will remain dedicated to help graphic communication professionals grow their business and prosper.


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