Xerox Equips AUK With Managed Print Services

Xerox-Kuwait, operating under Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons Company, recently partnered with the American University of Kuwait (AUK), to provide Managed Print Service to the university.

The  Xerox ‘Management Print Services’ portfolio used Lean Six Sigma methodology to achieve print fleet optimization, cost management of document services and maximization of return on investment for the university. As part of the partnership, Xerox-Kuwait provided the university its proactive asset management services, including monitoring, maintaining and managing AUK’s print environment with the support of Xerox’s Global Delivery Center help desk. According to Xerox, the help desk improved device uptime, increased productivity and identified possible errors at an early stage before issues can affect and disrupt operations.

Xerox-Kuwait also worked with AUK to improve user productivity and functional capabilities by creating full feature availability across all of the university’s devices. Xerox stated that AUK’s print fleet was optimized by creating a centralized environment and decommissioning aging devices that were not aligned with environmental or energy-use standards for the industry.

In addition, AUK’s document security was improved by establishing print authentication and an absolute audit trail on fleet usage. Costs were controlled by minimizing the number of devices used across the university and by deploying a cost-efficient fleet with enhanced capabilities.  Xerox Kuwait stated that with fewer, more efficient devices in use, integrated with smart management solutions, a clear advantage was achieved on energy conservation and waste reduction.

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