Xerox Emirates to Provide Managed Print Services to GEMS Education

Xerox Emirates and GEMS Education have signed an agreement to support GEMS sustainability commitment through its Managed Print Services. Through this partnership Xerox will establish print solutions using multifunction devices in GEMS Schools, which will use approximately 50% less energy than the combined annual consumption of the individual products it replaces.

Whilst the partnership is initially focussed on the UAE, Xerox Global reach and help desk will allow GEMS Education to link their regional and around the world sites through a single point of contact.

Dino Varkey, Group Executive Director and Board Member, GEMS Education stated, “We look forward to working closely with Xerox Emirates to keep finding ways to improve our approach to document management and deliver more value.”

“Through the partnership between Xerox Emirates and GEMS Education we strive to streamline GEMS Education printing practices, while reducing their impact on the environment, through optimising their current infrastructure.” stated Andrew Hurt, General Manager, Xerox Emirates.  “We at Xerox Emirates are very excited about this collaboration with GEMS Education and we believe we have the right technology, support, best practices, subject expertise and resources to execute and implement an extensive MPS initiative such as this one. This is the latest success for our Managed Print Services offering that is transforming the UAE market place.”

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