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Vorländer Printing Plant Invests In New Muller Martini Stackers

Vorländer GmbH & Co KG printing plant in the Siegerland region of North Rhine-Westphalia is to install four new FlexPack stacking systems from Muller Martini since its CN 80 compensating stackers, which are connected with two SLS3000 inserting systems, are at their capacity limits.

Vorländer Printing Plant has relied on two Muller Martini SLS3000 lines with two CN 80 compensating stackers and two CN 25 compensating stackers as backup, a FlexiRoll buffer, and an unwinding station for production of the Siegener Zeitung (Siegen Newspaper) and the Siegerländer Wochenanzeiger (Siegerland Weekly Advertiser) for eight long years.

Patrick Ott, Commercial Director said, “The two SLS3000 lines are still performing reliably on a daily basis today. However, our compensating stackers have hit capacity, owing to the large insert quantities and the increasing individual weights.” The Siegen-based printing house has therefore decided to retrofit both SLS3000 lines with two FlexPacks each this summer.

Muller Martini’s new stacking system combines all processes including stacking, feeding of the bottom sheet, top sheet printing, top sheet application and strapping in a single compact machine. At the Vorländer printing plant, it will be controlled together with the SLS3000 lines by the Mailroom Production Control (MPC) system, which will be given a software update, owing to the new machines. “We believe this investment will give us a significantly more efficient workflow, which will translate into higher productivity,” said Ott.

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