The Revolutionary Epson EcoTank Printers

Sustainability starts at home 

We live in strange times. Coronavirus has altered our way of life and imposed a new way of living; we are spending a lot more time in our homes. Home is not just home anymore, it is much more, a blend of shelter, office, classroom and playground.

One piece of technology that has become a household necessity as a result of this shift in lifestyle is the printer. Employees who were printing regularly in the office are now working from home and need to have access to a home printer. Families with kids who study remotely will need to print out materials.  Furthermore, printing at home is not limited to documents. You can also print calendars, images, paper pads, stationary, stickers and a whole lot more to add color to your life and keep your children occupied. However, this increase in printing could mean a potential increase in cost, trips out to buy new cartridges and an impact on our individual sustainability efforts, in particular increased energy usage.

We have seen around the world how during lockdowns environments recovered and this highlighted to everyone our impact as human beings on the natural world. So, let’s agree to cope with this change in our lifestyles by also considering the environment in our day to day lives and embracing environmentally friendly practices.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, our own contribution to sustainability can be as simple as careful selection when choosing our home printer and opting for a technology that reduces environmental impact.

Powered by Epson’s Heat-Free technology, an EcoTank printer consumes significantly less energy than equivalent laser printers. In fact, if every home laser printer in the UAE and Saudi Arabia was switched to an Epson EcoTank printer, there would be a saving of $921,840 – that’s enough to power 166 homes of families of 4 for a whole year.

And because Epson EcoTank printers come with ink bottles containing the equivalent ink of 79 ink cartridges it means fewer consumables – reducing the requirement of production, shipping and storing, and the resulting CO2 impact of logistics, as well as less plastic material to be managed at end of life.

Moreover, an EcoTank requires no warmup time so it can print immediately, thus improving workflow and productivity. In addition, the EcoTank offers a range of features; some models include Wi-Fi connectivity allowing users to print from almost anywhere. In many aspects it’s a revolutionary solution that doesn’t compromise on printing quality.

Put simply, an EcoTank is a family friendly solution offering a convenient and cost-effective alternative to the traditional laser or cartridge printer. It’s compact – on average, it takes up 22% less space at home or in the office than other printers.  It provides easy access for refilling and a clear view of the ink levels. It features an enhanced ink filling system engineered to minimize the risk of spills and mess. The EcoTank comes with 1 set of ink bottles, equivalent to 79 ink cartridges – enough to print up to 14,000 pages. And printing costs are fewer than 2 fils/colour page, equivalent to AED 4,600 in cost savings over three years.[1]

About Epson Middle East

Epson Middle East oversees Epson’s operations in the Middle East markets, in close coordination with Epson Europe. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Epson Middle East works closely with a network of resellers and distributors across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Syria and Yemen, ensuring the availability of its wide, technologically-advanced product range to businesses and consumers in the region.


[1]Based on Epson calculations, average total saving and average number of inkjet cartridges required to print the same number of pages as the average yield of ink bottles included in-box within the EcoTank A4 4-colour range. Comparison between average yield (A4 prints of ISO/IEC 24711) of EcoTank “664”, “101” and “103” bottle series and the genuine consumables used within the 10 best-selling consumer A4 inkjet cartridge printers in the Middle East and Africa (IDC, Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, 2019 shipments, published Q1 2020). Total savings calculated with reference to the average purchase price of a printer amongst these top 10 models plus printing costs, calculated by dividing the relevant cartridge sales revenue and total yield by unit sales in the Middle East and Africa (IDC, Hardcopy Peripherals Consumables Tracker, 2019 shipments, published H2 2019). USD converted to local currency using FX spot rate from XE.COM as at 08/07/2020.


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