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The MENA ‘Office of the Future’ vision is closer than ever, Says Canon’s Office Insights 2016 report

Organisations in the MENA region are taking steps to embrace the ‘Office of the Future’ concept, revolutionising how their employees work and operate. This is evident in the Office Insights 2016 report released by Canon which states that 63% of organisations in the MENA region see value in the ability to print remotely from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The findings reveal that the combination of rapidly advancing technology, the growth of cloud-based services and an increased ability to work remotely have unlocked opportunities for greater working efficiency and empowerment in high-growth markets across the region.

Canon’s Office Insights 2016 report studies information management and technology’s role in how it is managed. The study leverages findings from business decision-makers and end-users across Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa.

Decision makers were asked to discuss and expand on the topics of remote printing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), digital spend and automation.

“It’s clear that businesses across regional markets are being empowered by innovative technology, and are welcoming futuristic ways of working to drive growth,” says Hendrik Verbrugghe, Marketing Director, Canon Middle East and Canon Central and North Africa. “However, it is not without its set of challenges and therefore it is crucial we address concerns and provide the right level of guidance for each unique market, to ensure businesses are making informed and beneficial technology investments.”

Of the countries surveyed, the most technologically advanced markets were the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Saudi Arabia, all of which were most likely to increase spending on office technologies over the next three years with 27% saying they will spend more on printing, copying and scanning software and device.

New printing technologies are being particularly welcomed by business leaders in the region. Ease of use and convenience has boosted the use of multi-functional devices (MFDs), which in turn has increased productivity – with Saudi Arabia being one of the countries most likely to see further growth as a result. Business leaders were most likely to believe that basic printers will soon lose out to MFDs, and that they’ll use the devices a lot more in three years’ time.

Moreover, faster internet speeds make it more likely for business leaders in the countries to drive the adoption of cloud services and wireless document sharing and remote printing, especially in the UAE.

The appetite and interest for BYOD style of working is also strongest in Saudi Arabia (62%). Working remotely is common practice, with respondents rating tablets as ‘critical’ devices – particularly those brought into the workplace and 47% of all businesses are keen to allow BYOD to access the company’s corporate network. However, security concerns are limiting BYOD progress in the UAE and Morocco, says the report.

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