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The Fifth Virtual Arab Publishers Association Conference Held

The Arab Publishers Association recently held its fifth two-day annual conference this year. The virtual conference took place under the title of “Content Industry and Challenges.”

Association President, Muhammad Rashad underscored the importance of holding the conference despite all the difficulties that the publishing world is currently experiencing due to Coronavirus crisis. Many book trade fairs have been cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic.

In a joint press release issued by the Chairmen of the Exhibitions and Media Committees of the Arab Publishers` Association, Prof. Muhammad Al-Malij and Pierre Sayegh, CEO at Librairie du Liban Publishers expressed their hope that Arab book exhibitions return to their normal schedule and activities this year because publishers are keen to communicate face to face with readers of different age groups in all Arab countries

The press release says that the publishing industry in Arab world is facing a real severe crisis due to the Coronavirus. All publishers as well as government and private institutions must join efforts and come together to save the industry because thousands of families’ livelihood depends on publishing industry. On the other hand, Ministries of Health across Arab countries should help and support publishers so that the publishing industry can get back on its feet again.

Arab Publishers Association (APA) was reestablished in General Conference for Arab Publishers held in Beirut on April 1995. APA boasts 30 board members, fifteen are representing Arab Publishers Associations, and fifteen were elected at General Assembly meeting, which was held in Cairo. APA is an Arabic Entity under the laws and regulation of the Arab league with its headquarter in Cairo, Egypt and General Secretariat in Beirut, Lebanon.

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