Fragrances for Ink Lovers

There are many ways you can express your love of print, paper and ink but perhaps using a cologne inspired by ink is an odd way to do that. Alas there are two colognes that have been launched to the market exactly to do that.

First up is Japanese designer, Comme de Garcons’ 2 Man, which is a wonderful woody chypre fragrance. Top notes are Aldehydes, Nutmeg, Caraway, Kumquat and Mint; middle notes are Vetiver, Saffron and iris; base notes are Incense, Mahogany, and more important Japanese sumi (ink). This cologne really does smell like Japanese ink. The second inky scent is Encre Noire, by French designer Lalique. While this does not smell as much like actual ink as the CdG does it’s meant to evoke the darkness and inkiness of black ink. ENCRE NOIRE incorporates Lalique’s distinctive aesthetic codes, combining luxurious materials and the technical prowess of master glassmakers. The bottle was inspired by the ‘Biches’ inkwell designed by René Lalique in 1913. While the Encre Noire doesn’t smell like ink, it’s a dark, woody, earthy scent that certainly evokes the feel of black ink.

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