That Al Sawari Kicks Off Print Operation With 4 Colour Speedmaster

That Al Sawari Chemical industries with a network of manufacturing plants including printing ink recently invested in 4 colour Speedmaster from Heideleberg. According to the company the machine is a first investment for establishing a full printing operation. During opening ceremony Mohammed Abdullah vice minister of Industris and Mine said  the new printing equipment will cater to demand for government’s printing projects including publications, textbooks and a range of other printed jobs.

Aman sahib Al Darraji Company’s General Manager, said,” the new Speedmaster is our first step in building a new and efficient print house.”

In an interview with ME Printer Wathiq Abbas Al Tamimi Commercial Director of the company said, ”the new Speedmaster with modern features will help us to offer a variety of high quality printed jobs. Being an ink manufacturer helps us to deliver printed products at a very competitive prices. Within 2 years we will be able to offer extensive printing services to all ministries specially Ministries of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as the Ministry of Education. We will also offer our services to private sector.”

He added,” Opening of the printing house has been welcomed by all government sectors and we were able to secure orders from two big government establishments including Ministry of Housing. To respond to the growing demand for printed products we are planning to buy an 8 colour press. At the moment we have a staff of 15 but we will add to our personnel as we receive more orders for printed products.” 

Founded in 1988 and located in Baghdad, That Al Sawari manufactures a wide range of products in its 35500 m2 premises. The company started its activities in 1989 manufacturing fiberglass products such as boats, water tanks, cooling towers fans, ribbed panels, spare parts for cars and inks. Company’s ink manufacturing plant kick started in 1994 producing newspaper inks. At the moment That Al Sawari produces a wide range of inks for packaging and printing as well as special inks for printing on Aluminum sheets.

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