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Symposium On Quran Printing And Publishing

King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Quran in Medina Announced that is planning to hold a symposium on printing and publishing aspects of Holy Quran.  The organizing committee of Symposium dubbed as “Hopes and realities of printing Holy Quran” has embarked on a research project calling all Quran enthusiasts and researchers to send in their ideas for standardization of Quran’s printing operation.

So far the committee has received 70 research studies on the subject. 

Dr. Mohamed Awfi the chair of the committee expressed his hopes that the event will become a platform through which new universal guidelines and methodology for printing and production of holy Quran could be established. The new guidelines will help Quran printers and publishers around the world to streamline their operation based on standard procedures and using state-of-the art printing technology. 

The event will focused on producing Quran using modern printing and finishing technologies, establishing new guidelines and benchmarks for printing and publishing of the holy book. The symposium is also an ideal opportunity for printers and publishers of holy Quran from all over the world to convene and exchange points of views and ideas. King Fahd Complex will also use to opportunity to share its valuable experiences in printing Quran.

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