Speculation Mounts on Fundamental Changes in drupa

Drupa 2012 is long gone and Drupa 2016 is still far away, then why all of a sudden Drupa fever is once again circulating among the graphic arts community? It’s because rumours are running wild about drupa’s possible move to a three year cycle instead of four.  The rumours were so numerous that drupa organizers were forced to release the following announcement:

“We are aware of speculation in the industry that the next drupa will be staged in 2015. Rumour and conjecture, however tenuous, gather pace very quickly and we urgently need to modify any notions which may have been inferred or conclusions which may have been erroneously surmised. The issues will be discussed and a decision will be made at the drupa committee meeting on 2 November and with an announcement the following week.                                                                                   

The industry is aware that we have been consulting with a selection of drupa exhibitors and visitors on how the event may be developed to their benefit. One of the topics discussed was whether drupa should be changed to a 3 year cycle. As you would expect, an issue as fundamental as this, with a far-reaching impact and profound implications, has been treated with the utmost diligence. The process has not been rushed, nor will the decision be hasty or pressurized. We are currently examining the results of the study and it is our intention to announce the outcome of the consultations soon after the committee meeting.”

Following the news regarding Manuel Matare’s gradual withdrawal from operational management of drupa due to health reasons, speculation about fundamental changes on time cycle and structure of drupa began to spread across all sectors of the printing industry.  Manuel Matare’ will gradually hand over his responsibilities as drupa director to his successor Sabine Geldermann. Geldermann has vast experience in organizing trade events. She served as a Project Director in charge of the leading European trade fair for advertising materials (PSI) as well as the International Franchise Fair at Blenheim International (Germany), a globally operating British exhibition organiser.

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