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Small Format Presses Are Still Popular

Many pundits believe with the advent of digital printing small format offset presses will gradually disappear from market. Well it seems printers in our region still favor small format presses including SM 52. Dubai based Smart Colors is one of these companies who recently opted for a brand new 4 color SM 52. The company which opened last year in Dubai already installed an SM 74- 4H.

The company is a commercial printer located in Deira and run by Mohammad al Najjar, Company’s owner and a Syrian national. The machine has a Production speed of up to 15,000 sheets per hour and highly automated feeder with central suction tape for the widest possible range of substrates. Other features include Speed-compensated Alcolor dampening system.  It can be configured with semi-automatic or automatic plate changing equipment.

SM 52 has been evolving since it was launched.  The press has undergone many updates and it is still a popular press. In 1998 an eight-colour perfecting version of the press was introduced and now the machine could print in up to 10-colours. This machine is especially suitable for printers who are looking to replace their old GTO’s.

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