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HEIDELBERG Sees Successful drupa, Incoming Orders Recover

German technology giant Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (HEIDELBERG) said that it was very pleased with its showing at the recently-concluded drupa 2024 in Düsseldorf.

The company’s stand attracted a great deal of interest from global customers, who also invested in various innovations on show. HEIDELBERG stated that the large number of orders placed during the event has led to a recovery in incoming orders at the start of financial year 2024-25 and, consequently, to higher capacity utilization in production. The company also said that short-time working at the German sites will end in June 2024.

Dr. David Schmedding, Global Head of Sales & Marketing at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
Dr. David Schmedding, Global Head of Sales & Marketing at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

“Our drupa team won over customers with a fabulous stand and future-proof innovations. The positive spirit among customers and staff alike was simply mind-blowing,” says a delighted Dr. David Schmedding, Global Head of Sales & Marketing at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. “HEIDELBERG is a true partner of the printing and packaging industry. The large number of orders placed across all technologies during the trade show emphasizes our customers’ trust in the company as a leading system provider,” he adds.

Daily presentations focused on numerous innovations in commercial and packaging printing, demonstrating how customers can use state-of-the-art technologies to harness and develop their business potential to optimum effect. “We offer the entire spectrum – from toner to inkjet, from offset to flexo printing – all controlled from a common Prinect workflow,” continues Dr. Schmedding.


The company is aiming to use the collaboration with Canon that was announced at drupa 2024 to leverage its growth potential in inkjet printing. Orders in the mid-double-digit range have already been placed for the new Jetfire 50 inkjet system from HEIDELBERG. The main purpose of the newly unveiled product portfolio is to address the growing demand in the commercial printing sector for industrial production based on inkjet technology. With the Gallus Labelfire and the Gallus One for label printing, HEIDELBERG has already proved it can provide successful inkjet solutions for industrial applications.

Integrated offset and digital technologies becoming increasingly important

At drupa, HEIDELBERG also showcased end-to-end solutions based on a single system supporting both offset and digital printing. This capability ensures maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially in the commercial sector. By combining its offset and digital printing expertise in this way, the company will provide customers a hybrid solution for optimum cost-effectiveness in the future.


With the growing global demand for sustainable, cost-effective, recyclable, or compostable packaging, HEIDELBERG will expand the range of applications for the new Boardmaster inline flexographic web printing machine to include the area of flexible paper (flexible paper packaging), an area in the packaging segment expected to show positive development.

International sales contracts underline success of drupa participation

HEIDELBERG managed to close a number of sales deals at drupa 2024.

With Schellenberg Gruppe investing in inkjet technology for commercial printing, the first Jetfire 50 ordered from HEIDELBERG is heading for Switzerland.

Germany’s commercial print specialist Solo Druck has invested in a Versafire LV digital printing system. The exceptional print quality and seamless control via the Prinect workflow were the decisive factors for the Cologne-based printer to choose the HEIDELBERG system.


Another German company Aumüller Druck has invested in the latest generation of the Speedmaster XL 106, which delivers an impressive speed of 21,000 sheets per hour, and features a fully-automated plate-to-unit system.

Zhengzhou Shengda Group, China’s top online printer, has ordered 15 Speedmaster CX presses (70 x 100 format).

Thung Hua Sinn, one of Thailand’s leading sheet label manufacturers, has ordered a total of 38 printing units for Speedmaster XL 75 and CX 75 presses.

HEIDELBERG has also crossed the Atlantic, with US-based paperboard packaging specialist Southern Champion Tray deciding to purchase the new Boardmaster inline flexographic web printing system.

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