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The VORTEX 4200 which was introduced by SAGA Digital during recently concluded SGI sparked interest among visitors. The super-fast printer produced photographic sensations in seconds in the booth of Saga Digital JLT. At the second day of the SGI printer expo, Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth from FLAAR Reports tested this Memjet powered MEMS technology system.

According to Hellmuth printer’s 70,400 nozzles per head x five heads = 352,000 nozzles in total, CMYKK color produces gorgeous colors in seconds. 5 meters long prints literally in seconds (not meters per hour, but meters per seconds).

The test prints are flowers native to Guatemala photographed by Nicholas Hellmuth and Sofia Monzon, using an 18 megapixel Canon camera and a 36 megapixel Nikon D800E camera plus either stacked focus or HDR (High Dynamic Range). These are digital imaging software abilities used by graphic designer Sofia Monzon to turn these photographs into visual treasures of sharp focus and dynamic range of lighting.

MEMS printhead technology is new, and as any innovative breakthrough technology has its reality check, but the results, if done in quality mode, with freshly cleaned printheads, on a sophisticated media, can frankly match the quality of fine art photography from a giclee printer.

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