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Ryobi and Mitsubishi Now Branded as Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology

Japanese press giants Ryobi and Mitsubishi officially merged on January 1, and are now trading as Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology, offering a full range of sheetfed offset presses.

The press ranges of the two companies make a good fit, Ryobi operates at the smaller sizes, Mitsubishi at the larger end. The presses manufactured by the new company include all 20 existing machines, ranging from single colour A3 up to multi-colour, 1,120mm x 820mm sizes, and are all to view in a new brochure.

Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology_okRyobi is also moving into digital printing, it is working closely with Myakoshi, another Japanese press developer, to develop digital print solutions. Ryobi is also thought to provide the chassis for some digital presses.

According to Ryobi the signing joins the respective sheet-fed offset printing machinery businesses in an effort to bolster competitiveness, boost scale of operations and product line-up, cut costs, and improve sales and service networks.

In Australia Ryobi is supplied by Cyber, and it was the only press supplier with presses at PacPrint. Cyber will now be the sole supplier for the new company.

The two companies cite market conditions and shrinking demand, especially in developed countries, as the main thrust behind the partnership. A statement says, “This downturn has led both companies to promote internal structural reforms in order to sustain their market competitiveness and financial soundness.”

The fortunes of the two companies have varied dramatically in recent years; Ryobi has carved out a successful niche as small format offset press manufacturer, and has moved into the B2 and A1 markets with success, Mitsubishi by contrast has floundered, especially outside Japan.

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