Representatives Of Ministry Visit Dar Al-Hurriah Printing And Publishing Project

Representatives of Ministry of Culture in Iraq recently toured Hurriah Printing and Publishing reconstruction site. The restoration works are part of the Baghdad Arab Capital of Culture 2013 project.
Baghdad was chosen by the International Organization of Education, Culture and Science (UNESCO) in 1996 to be the capital of Arab Culture in 2013.
The officials from ministry inspected the new designs for the building which has been vandalized and destroyed during the war and the unrest in the country. The team also met with the engineers to find out more about the details of the reconstruction project and offered some recommendations.
Al-Hurriah Printing and Publishing was founded in the beginning of the seventies. Considered a cultural landmark in Iraq it was one of the largest printing presses in the region, located on an area of more than 5000 square meters.

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