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Reimagine the Future of Work with Stunning AR technology

The landmark IDC Government Congress 2022 event, held recently in Riyadh, provided the perfect opportunity for Saudi Xerox to highlight its best-in-class Augmented Reality solutions.

Saudi Vision 2030 is a strategic framework set by Saudi Government to transform the country and diversify its economy. It also serves as an impetus to feed the creativity of all Saudi individuals and companies.
Vision 2030To implement the vision a wealth of events has been organized and more are expected in coming months and years. However, the IDC Government Congress 2022 event, which was held in Riyadh at Fairmont Hotel on December 13 is considered a landmark event with an impressive lineup of keynote speakers and heavy weight sponsors including Saudi Xerox. It is worth mentioning that Saudi Xerox has formed a strong partnership with IDC for more than a decade now.

While the central theme of the event was “Reimagining the Future of Government in the Era of Digital Transformation”, the 2022 edition of IDC Government Congress delved into a range of today’s most pressing topics, presenting essential guidance on the use of data intelligence to personalize services and exploring strategies for accelerating digital innovation while protecting privacy and fostering digital sovereignty. 

Saudi Xerox’s immersive approach to service

From Saudi Xerox Joe Bailis Head of Digital Transformation took to the podium during morning session to present Xerox Augmented Reality solutions. In his presentation Bailis offered interesting facts and figures. According to International Data Corporation (IDCWorldwide Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide, Worldwide spending on augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) is forecast to reach $13.8 billion this year and grow to $50.9 billion in 2026. Meanwhile, the five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for AR/VR spending will be 32.3%. Virtual reality will account for more than 70% of all AR/VR spending throughout the 2022-2026 forecast while overall spending will be almost evenly split between consumer and commercial applications.

Joe Bailis,Head of Digital Transformation, Saudi Xerox
Joe Bailis,Head of Digital Transformation, Saudi Xerox

Bailis outlined CareAR (A Xerox Company) software business portfolio that consists of game changing software assets, including Augmented Reality (AR) platform. One of the main features of CareAR is Service Experience Management (SXM) platform, which fundamentally reimagines “Service” and spearheads the SXM category. SXM is a blend of local experience and remote experience. Local experience includes self-solve, self-learn and IoT & Document Management, while remote experience is about field service, Industry 4.0, Contact center and IT service.

No longer customer experience and service experience can be viewed separately. These two are inherently linked and the two worlds are coming together, creating a whole new category of solutions and applications—called service experience management. In a nutshell SXM is an approach that goes beyond service management tools and software, with the goal of achieving digital transformation that truly puts both service employees and customers at the heart of the service experience. This is rooted in the belief that the key to providing an amazing customer experience is by delivering an exceptional service and support experience.


Bailis went on to highlight Xerox Service Delivery Imperatives, which includes resolving issues remotely or on first visit, reducing the cost of service, reducing attrition and skills gaps, improving customer satisfaction and reducing CO2 emissions.

CareAR is touted as a global sustainability success story. In one of the case studies, as a result of using CareAR Assist since July 2021, 32,860 service dispatches have been deflected and at least 412,000kg metric tons of CO2 avoided, which is equal to CO2 absorption of 20,600 trees per year.
CareAR-LogoxDuring his speech, Bailis also touched on immersive experience that CareAR Assist provides to customers. This hi-tech approach empowers service teams anywhere to provide remote visual AR assistance and guidance. It enables you to See what your customers, employees, and field workers see in real-time, while collaborating with a suite of AR tools to digitally guide and solve their problems, as if actually there on-site. CareAR Assist main features include Enterprise Cloud Platform with Embeddable APIs, built for scale on a global infrastructure and for easy integration with Xerox embeddable API’s, Scalable HD video and audio collaboration designed for crisp video, audio, doc sharing quality while resilient across low latency and challenged “field based” networks, augmented Reality 3D Spatial Mapping, augmented reality suite of tools and much more.

Bailis concluded his presentation by highlighting the ability to extend the services using Artificial Intelligence technology in addition to Augmented Reality solutions to empower customers and their businesses.

Saudi Xerox well thought out vision for the future

Mehmet Sezer, General Manager of Saudi Xerox.
                                                                           Mehmet Sezer, General Manager of Saudi Xerox.

Mehmet Sezer, General Manager of Saudi Xerox outlines a well-thought-out vision for the future of Saudi Xerox and the role the company plays to help KSA achieve digital transformation:  “Digitization is the future of Saudi Arabia and we are actively working with our customers to help them transform their organizations with our solutions.  Embracing digital transformation, Xerox has strived to introduce key workplace solutions in the past decade to enable more efficient processes and workflows. Our Managed Print Services offering is industry-leading, and we use many of the tools and techniques to implement digital transformation. As an example, a critical aspect is the collation, management and understanding of the significant volume of data that organizations suddenly have access to. In such cases, an organization like us can help customers navigate this assessment stage before automating and optimizing.”

The landmark IDC Government Congress 2022 event provided a great stage, where Saudi Xerox showed a glimpse of its futuristic concept, available today.

“As Saudi organizations tap into the value-creation opportunities being driven by digital transformation (DX), they are increasingly embracing a digital-first approach to building resilience into their business operations,” said Hamza Naqshbandi, Associate Vice President for IDC KSA and Bahrain.

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About Saudi Xerox

Saudi Xerox is the representation of Xerox in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1986, with business lines that include providing solutions to improve business processes, automation and printing technology through an innovative vision of maximizing productivity and efficiency to create a better work environment. Saudi Xerox offers the full array of Xerox products and services ranging from workplace assistants, workflow solutions and managed print services in the KSA market. We address global and local market challenges consistently together in alignment with Xerox global standards.

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