Printing Press Opens Production Line For Textbooks


The General Establishment for printing textbooks in Aden, Yemen is preparing to launch a new production line that would cost around 220 million Yemeni riyals (around 1 million USD.) The new project is part of its investment program, which was scheduled for last year but couldn’t take off due to the instability in the country.

Dr. Mohammad Omar Basilam, press manager of Aden branch in a statement said that currently two printing machines worth 600 million riyals were installed at the press. He added that with the recent installations, the production capacity has increased by 13,000 sheets per hour and expected that the remaining installation procedure would be completed soon.

Explaining the reasons for the delay in printing and distributing school books during the beginning of the current academic year, Basilam said that lack of production units and consumables hampered the production process. He added, “If we were provided with sufficient stock of paper then it would have been possible to address the textbook requirements before the start of the academic year.”

He added that despite the difficulties faced by the organization and operating from a region like Al-Mansura, which witnessed violent clashes and political crisis the branch could implement its production plan. He mentioned that during the second part of the year they couldn’t accomplish the production program due to lack of paper and other supplies.

Basilam also pointed out that the company was not exposed to any attacks during this period and acclaimed the efforts of the people in Mansura for maintaining peace and order. He mentioned that the press will invest in binding and cutting machinery as well and will introduce an integrated production line during the beginning of next year at an expected cost of USD 800 million. He confirmed that the introduction of new and modern machinery will enhance the quality and appearance of textbooks, which according to today’s standard has become a necessity and not a luxury.


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