Print4All to debut in Milan in June 2018

Scheduled two years from now at Fiera Milano, Print4All will debut on May 29–June 1 2018, together with Ipack Ima, Plast, Meat Tech and Intralogistica Italia. Print4All is the result of the collaboration between associations ACIMGA (Italian Manufacturers’ Association of Machinery for the Graphic, Converting and Paper Industry) and Argi (the Graphic Industry Suppliers Association), and combines three long-standing brands showcasing specific industrial production chains with strong synergies between the respective target markets: Converflex, Grafitalia and Inprinting.

Print4All caters to the needs of a printing industry that is increasingly market-oriented and is developing cutting-edge services for the business communities of the target markets, against a background of growing cooperation among manufacturers of flexo and roto technology, the world of offset and digital printing as well as serigraphy, pad printing and industrial inkjet printing.

The event will showcase the industries of printing, printed communication, paper, converting and industrial and digital printing. Print4All exhibitors will have the chance to present technology applicable across all of the production chains involved in the exhibition project.

“Today converters’ and printers’ portfolios include clients from different channels and industries. Trade exhibitions need to consider this and offer a full range of technology supporting industrial printing, package printing, converting, labelling and more generally the entire graphic and commercial printing industry,” says Andrea Briganti, Acimga director and Centrexpo Spa board member.

“Print4All, with the shows Converflex, Grafitalia and Inprinting, will be directly organized by Fiera Milano, to which we granted use of the brands. Both Acimga and Argi will do their part by encouraging their member companies to participate in the exhibitions. We believe in a business model where the exhibition venue deals with producing the exhibitions, leaving the task of planning the content as well as the production chain and inter-industry network to trade associations,” says Marco Calcagni, president of Acimga.

“Print4All with the events Converflex, Grafitalia and Inprinting represent the breakthrough the market has been needing for a long time: a different industry model that breaks away from the dynamics strictly connected to the exhibition area and embraces all-comprehensive projects designed for business growth,” concludes Roberto Levi Acobas, president of Argi.

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