Print Specialists Train At Heidelberg Academy Cairo

The Libyan Authority for Printing Support dispatched a team of print specialists for further training at Print Media Academy in Cairo. Dubbed as “Design, Montage, Colour management & Modern Prepress Process” the course was held from June 16th to July 10th, 2013. 

Ten members with titles ranging from prepress product executive to operator & designer attended the 4 weeks course in PMAC that  focused on: montage & electronic montage for brochures, newspaper, books, newsletter, pages, Signa out-put & input, how to print on Signa-Station, how to send files to RIP & create PDF files, CTP system operation & setup quality assurance.

The training course was conducted by 4 instructors: Dr. Hanan Abdou, Ayman Taha, Shady Fahmy, and Tamer Mohamed, each specializing in a certain module.

“The experience of trainers and the content of the course exceeded our expectations, especially the practical training at Al-Ahram Commercial Press” says Tarek el-Lafy, Prepress product executive.

In general, the trainees were very impressed by the course organization at PMAC. In addition they also enjoyed a special trip to some of the tourist attractions of Cairo.

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