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PRATI to Display Digital Finishing with a Difference

Italian equipment manufacturer PRATI presents DIGIFASTone, a digital finishing line for printed reels, which allows producing value-added labels at high speed and with high precision. Versatile and with a quick set-up, it is also functional for shortruns of promotional labels in various industries including food and beverage, wine and spirits, cosmetics, and personal and home care.

At Labelexpo Americas 2022 (Hall C 3529) it will be displayed in a configuration consisting of an unwinder with automatic tension and end-of-reel control, web guide, digital screen unit, and lamination unit, followed by laser die-cutting processes, a 100% vision system for in-line quality control, and cutting and rewinding.

PRATI’s Area Manager Matteo Bertoni explains, “Our customers were asking us for a ‘non-stop solution’. And here is DIGIFASTone, fully digital, both in finishing and die-cutting, with no special tools required to run the machine. A quick set-up is ensured thanks to the laser die-cutting unit, which offers enormous advantage of not imposing limits on the size and shape of the labels. In addition, the DIGIFASTone is configurable with a double shaft turret rewinder in combination with buffer ensuring non-stop finishing. With the turret rewinder, the operator no longer has to worry about the rewinding cycle and work is limited to loading the cores and collecting the finished reels.”

Bottles in a limited edition (by Leone Conti winery) embellished by a label designed by Mario Di Paolo for the The Digital Experience open house, organized by Prati on 22-23 June in Faenza.

Conceived with a high level of automation and intuitive controls, DIGIFASTone can print, die-cut, strip, count, slit, and rewind, handling a variety of materials like self adhesive clear-on-clear labels (including AD-MDO and UPM PP30), wrap-around labels, shrink sleeves, plastic films, unsupported paper, and plastic materials, in a range of thicknesses from 12 to 350 microns.

Built with the new ‘FUTURA by Prati’ open-platform technology for finishing solutions and in line with the needs of Industry 4.0, DIGIFASTone generates a very small amount of waste material, significantly reduces set-up times, and guarantees a register accuracy of 0.15 mm, even reaching 100 m/min in the configuration with laser die cutting. All these advantages place the machine at the top of current standards, making it an ideal investment even for short runs.

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