Overused Buzzwords On Linkedin Can Harm Your Career Prospects

LinkedIn believes that usage of buzzwords like ‘Organization’, ‘Motivated’, and ‘Dynamic’ could actively harm members’ prospects for career and economic opportunity. The top 10 LinkedIn Buzzwords in the UAE for this year are Organization, Motivated, Dynamic, Leadership, Track Record, Creative, Strategic, Successful, Extensive Experience, and Dedicated.

Here are some LinkedIn lessons for those looking to perfect their profile:

1. Stand out from the crowd: Your summary is the first thing people look at after your profile picture. You may know you’re capable of demonstrating ‘leadership’ with a ‘great track record’ but too many buzzwords make it hard for your profile to stand out. Use examples of your experience, focus on how you’ve demonstrated leadership with specific examples and highlight those great results with real numbers.

2. A picture’s worth a thousand words: Instead of saying you’re ‘creative’, why not show people by including presentations, design work and projects you take pride in? Remember, you’ve only got five to ten seconds to impress.

3. Share views and news: So you have ‘extensive experience and great communication skills’? Tell the world by publishing a post on LinkedIn. By offering your opinions on industry matters, you’re positioning yourself as a thought leader and sharing your knowledge.

4. Get to know people like you: If you want to show you are ‘motivated’ about succeeding in your industry, join a group. Share your thoughts on news or articles to show you care about the sector and widen your network. Members who are active in groups get 15x more profile views than members who don’t take part.

5. Recommend a friend: If you think someone’s ‘exceptional’, why not say it? Spend time writing meaningful recommendations using specific examples. Not only does this show you really know them, it also means they are more likely to return the favour. A couple of glowing recommendations are worth a hundred buzzwords.

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