“Our target customers are those looking to place print orders online from anywhere in the world”

How big is the web-to-print opportunity for NDigitec in the UAE and Middle East?

The web-to-print opportunity for NDigitec is huge as is the first professionally integrated web-to-print with a customized unique platform for professional and personal users in the Middle East. Our market research and the market response over the past 2 years has reiterated the belief in our vision to be the most preferred web-to-print partner to do business with.

What is the USP of What makes the print service lounge at d3 the first of its kind in the Middle East?

The USP of lies in executing orders of its customers printing needs by redefining service standards in the industry. The premium print service lounge of lets the customers relax, spend time at the lounge accessing our website in comfort and we help them place their orders online with ease. We have no print machineries at the lounge but a wide range of samples the clients can choose from. The orders are printed and delivered to the lounge from where the customers can collect the same with no delivery charge.

Who are the target customers of How does complement NDigitec’s business?

Our target customers are from across all businesses and individuals comprising B2B and B2C segments across the globe, especially customers looking to place print orders online from anywhere in the world on; to be delivered or collected in the Middle East, especially the UAE.

Following NDigitec’s philosophy of ‘A Promise is A Promise’, the company’s web-to-print solutions support all print production processes that deliver jobs with world-class quality and within deadlines. NDigitec services the needs of the entire graphic arts industry, media and brand owners with over 20 solutions and 75 services structured to meet the demands competently. With over 500 customers spread across 25 countries and with skilled teams working around the clock, the company is well equipped to deliver on its promises to customers. Overall, NDigitec is a meeting point of technology and creativity.

How will you compete in markets outside the Middle East on price and logistics?

Customers travelling to the Middle East from any part of the world can order online at and we will ensure that their orders are printed, packed and delivered to their requested location in the Middle East.

The ability to produce high quality on demand prints sets us apart from any other print company in the Middle East hence making us the preferred one stop print shop for all.

How are you marketing the site outside the Middle East markets?

 We are currently focusing on marketing all across the world mainly through our social media channels and PR partners.

Is your refund policy applicable to all products ordered on the site?

Yes, the refund policy is applicable to all products ordered on the site.

Which are the markets and product categories projected to generate the highest sales?

Print orders placed on from anywhere in the world which need to be delivered in the Middle East are projected to generate the highest sales and our entire portfolio of solutions are projected to do well in this regard.

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