Obituary: Ali Reda Alhashemi

Ali Reda Alhashemi, popularly known as the “Father of Printing Industry in the Gulf”, passed away last Tuesday (25 October, 2022). He is the founder and president of Ali Alhashemi Trading Co. LLC which has been serving the graphic arts industry since its establishment in 1950.

Setting the baseline with a humble beginning in the UAE, Alhashemi Trading has grown today into a multifaceted trading company dealing with an extensive range of the printing equipment and providing timely solutions for the entire printing industry.

There are none in the graphic arts industry in the Middle East region who hasn’t heard of Alhashemi, the man who helped create the market for graphic arts in the region.

Like a true son of the soil, he blossomed from an unlettered childhood to a prominent self-made personality. As a youngster, Alhashemi was compelled to leave the UAE for Bahrain and it was there that his rendezvous with graphic arts matured. It was also in Bahrain that he had his initial education till the age of 18.

Throughout his career, Alhashemi has not only encouraged people set up presses, but has lent a helping hand, be it for acquiring a license, financing, or providing machines for the press on longer credit terms. His contributions and unparalleled service to the industry gave him the recognition as the “Father of Printing Industry in the Gulf”.

For Alhashemi, surviving in this fiercely competitive industry for more than seven decades was no easy task, but his commitment towards his customers and the principals he stood by helped him overcome all obstacles.

Ali Alhashemi Trading Co. has expanded multifold, establishing branches in the neighbouring GCC member states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. To stay on par with the best in the printing industry, he also adopted the latest technology, transforming from conventional printing methods to modern digital presses.

Heading a service-related business entity, Alhashemi always stood by his employees whom he considered as his most important asset. He made sure to provide them with all the necessary tools to groom their skills, giving equal opportunity for everyone in advancing their career.

A confident and self-made man, he always looked at life as a constant training ground.

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