Novel With Braille Scripts Printed For Visually Impaired Children

The Arab Council for Children and Development came up with the first novel for visually impaired children that are printed in Braille scripts. The book intends to secure the future of the disabled children and to include them within the framework of the Council’s project. According to the Council, the novel is a step forward to provide a secure environment for Arab children with disabilities.

The book was printed with the help of the King Fahd Complex in support with the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom. Written by Walid Taher, the initiative is also supported by the Islamic Development Bank, Kuwaiti Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Arab League and the Arab Scouts organization.

Secretary General of the Council, Dr. Hassan Albiloa in a statement said that the children with disabilities are more vulnerable to abuse and the council seeks through this book to teach the children methods to protect themselves. He mentioned that the council is planning to issue another four series of the novel in different categories for children with disabilities including that for autistic children, hearing impaired and children with learning deficiencies.

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