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New Video Helps The World Get To Know BOBST

As a leading supplier of equipment and services to the packaging industry, BOBST spends a lot of time and effort getting to know its customers. Now, both existing and potential BOBST clients, as well as the general public, can find out more about BOBST, thanks to a short video.

Showing the history, global reach, range of products and values of a company that serves more than 50% of the worldwide packaging industry, the five minute video also highlights the innovation, knowledge and passion of the 5,000 strong global BOBST team.

Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO of BOBST, said, “The packaging produced by our equipment is found everywhere in our daily lives. Yet something that can appear to be so simple actually needs increasingly complex processes to produce it. This new video gives a snapshot of how we go about providing the machinery and services that the flexible materials, folding carton and corrugated board industries need, as well as showing who we are and how we came to be the world’s leading supplier to these industries.”

The new video is also available on the BOBST YouTube channel at

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