New Generation Of Metallic Inks By Eckart

Eckart, specialized manufacturer of effect pigments and printing inks, recently has launched the latest generation of JETFLUID digital metallic inks.

The new ink is Eckart response to growing demand for metallic colours in digital printing. Metallic ink is set to replace metalized substrates due to its many advantages which include faster and less expensive print production.

The new metallic inks are JETFLUID UV 31018 silver and JETFLUID UV 31019 silver. The company claims the inks feature a significantly improved gloss level on all substrates as well as enhanced drying characteristics. Due to the special formulation both inks remain stable for at least 12 months and require no further specific handling.

The new JETFLUID UV inks are available to be jetted via all major DOD piezo print heads apart from Epson and Kyocera.

Another innovation announced by Eckart is the new solvent based ink jet ink JETFLUID SB 11021 SB silver with improved characteristics in gloss level and rub resistance. The new ink’s formulation also allows elimination of any harmful labelling obligation and is suitable for all major DOD piezo print heads (except Epson). For the particular requirements of Epson print heads, Eckart offers specific inks for the various DX generations.

“These new products are the result of our continued innovation processes and Eckart¹s extensive knowledge and experience of formulating inks out of metallics,” says Dr. Stefan Engel, Global Head of Digital Inks at Eckart. He adds,” Six years ago we didn¹t even think, that it will be possible to digitally

print metallics and now we can print mirror-like effects on a standard machine at any speed. Imagine what might be possible in the next five years.”

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