National Day Celebration Puts Printing Industry on Active Mode

Promotional posters and special publications were much in demand, as the 41st National Day was celebrated in UAE. Every street, cars and houses were adorned to celebrate the occasion.

It’s the time of the year when advertising and auto accessory shops come out of their slumber. An increase of 30%, in terms of sale, was reported by these sectors. It is estimated that the demand will reach its peak by early December this year. Young people are busy decorating their vehicles and advance booking is available in every auto shop to avoid any delays.

While publications like posters, coloured stickers and banners were much in demand, car accessories are what everyone is buying into. The posters and decorations start at a price range of 1000 dirham and some even decorated their car for a whopping sum of 150,000 dirham.

The Ministry of Economy recorded a rise in the price of printing posters, which included 70 dirham for small posters and 250 for window posters. Meanwhile, libraries and shops have put up special sections for the sale of posters and printed material that bear the pictures of the Union and its representatives along with flags and other material that symbolizes harmony of the Emirates. Roads and streets were decked with hangings and flags and a festive atmosphere was visible everywhere. Major government buildings were adorned with huge flags to mark the National day celebration.

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